Monday, July 5, 2010

Elephant Ears

For the letter E week we learned about elephants.

The kids practiced mixing colors to make gray and pink paint. They painted elephant ears and named their elephants. Once they dried we took pictures of our little elephants with their ears and a paper trunk.

At circle we learned facts about elephants that were on shapes. When the shapes were put together they formed an elephant.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Playing with the Baby Chicks

This spring our school had chicken eggs. I don't have any pictures of the process, but we got to watch them go from eggs to chicks. It was really cool for both the kids and the teachers. After the chicks hatched they were in an incubator in the hallway for a few weeks where we could watch them. Once they were big enough we set up a pen in the yard. The kids got to sit in the pen and watch and play with the chicks. It was a really great experience for them.

They loved getting to pet the chicks! My co-teacher in the 3's class, Ms. B, was making sure that chicks knew she meant business. :-)

We took the pictures of the kids with the chicks and hung them along the door frame to make sure the parents saw them. I added a sign with the date. The chicks have now gone to live on a farm. Hopefully they won't end up as my dinner someday.

Bubble Prints

These are the bubble prints that we made for letter B week. We put water, soap, and blue paint in a pan. The kids took turns using a straw to blow bubbles in the pan. We then took a piece of white paper and set it on top of the bubbles to make the print. Some turned out better than others, and we had to keep the kids from sucking up the straw. I recently learned that we should have cut a slit in the middle of the straws to keep them from sucking up the straw.

This is the overall display.

And this is the sign for the display. We read a Tomie dePaula book about bubbles at circle time before we did the activity.