Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Halloween Ghosts

This is a Halloween display that we put together for letter G week, Ghosts and Goblins. You'll notice quickly in this blog that I really like displaying the kids work and creating signs that go along with the work. Hence the Whoooooo's Hiding? ghost. Parents were supposed to find their "little ghost."

For the activity we cut out 2 ghosts shapes for each child. On one of the ghosts they drew a picture of themselves. They used yarn for their hair. We then attached the other ghost shape so that it appeared that they were wearing a costume. We also cut out the eyes so that their eyes could show through. We traced circles on the back piece so they knew where to draw their eyes.

Fall Bulletin Board

This is the bulletin board that we made for the fall. We cut leaf shapes out of brown grocery bags. The kids colored on them with fall leaf color crayons, then painted over the crayon with watered down brown paint. Then we had them scrunch them up so they were all wrinkly like the leaves on the ground. We used a tree trunk, other fall colored construction paper leaves and a fence to make the background scene, along with a scarecrow we printed from the internet. The whole thing went along with the letter F week, for fall.

Finger Puppets

These are the awesome finger puppets that I got at Ikea recently. 10 in a pack, one pack of animals, one pack of people. They were only 5 bucks for each set. My favorite is the ghost. The kids have been loving them. Next up we need to figure out how to make a stage or something for them to play with.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shining Stars Bulletin Board

This is the bulletin board that we had up at the beginning of the school year. Each of the stars had the name of one our students. We have a LOT of students between our 2 part-time classes.

Mother's Day Gift

For Mother's Day this year we found this cute poem online. We then bought small kitchen towels at Target and used fabric paint to paint the kids hands and put handprints on each side of the towel, along with the date. We put both parts into a paper bag that the kids had decorated.


This blog is meant to be a collection of ideas and projects that I have created or borrowed from others and used in my classroom. I am a preschool teacher in a preschool in Maryland. I currently teach in a 3 year olds classroom. I have also taught in a preschool in Michigan with 4 year olds. I received my teaching certificate in Michigan in elementary education. I hope you enjoy the pictures and ideas in this blog. For the privacy of my students I will be blurring or cutting the pictures to keep faces out of them.